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It provides a weight reduction twice as fast and faster without drastic changes in lifestyle. They act in the two most important directions in terms of weight loss - reduced food consumption and increased calorie burning.

Fully natural ingredients work much faster and more efficiently thanks to the special liquid formula Licaps® by Capsugel. It increases the feeling of satiety and ensures a balanced diet with much less food consumed.

Visislim Vitaslim Light + Visislim Dren

The result is: Fewer calories assimilated without hunger. Active Ingredient CLA, improves metabolism and accelerates fat accumulation. Transform fats into muscle. The body becomes firmer and toned.

Administration capsules 3 times a day, one hour before meals, with plenty of water. For a better and lasting result, drink daily for at least 3 months.

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Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to consult a physician prior to use. Not recommended for people allergic to fish products fish gelatin capsules.

Acesta asigura o reducere a greutatii de doua ori mai usoara si mai rapida, fara schimbari drastice ale modului de viata. Acestea actioneaza in cele mai importante doua directii in ceea ce priveste slabirea — reducerea alimentelor consumate si cresterea caloriilor arse. Ingredientele complet naturale actioneaza mult mai rapid si eficient datorita formulei speciale lichide tehnologie brevetata Licaps® de Capsugel.

Mareste senzatia de satietate si asigura o dieta echilibrata cu mult mai putine alimente consumate.

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Rezultatul este: mai putine calorii asimilate fara senzatie de foame. Ingredientul activ CLA, imbunatateste metabolismul si accelereaza topirea grasimilor acumulate.

Capsule pentru slabit, 30 capsule, Visislim Light

Transforma grasimile in muschi. Corpul devine mai ferm fat burn ebay tonifiat. Administrare 1—2 capsule de 3 ori pe zi, cu o ora inainte de masa, cu multa apa. Pentru un rezultat mai bun si de durata a se bea zilnic timp de cel putin 3 luni.

Fabrica de Sanatate

Contraindicatii: Nu fat burn ebay cunoscute. Femeilor insarcinate si celor care alapteaza li se recomanda sa consulte un medic inainte de utilizare.

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Nu se recomanda persoanelor alergice la produse din peste capsule din gelatina din peste. Helps burn fat and helps maintain the ratio of fat and muscle mass within the normal range. Way of ussage:1 - 2 capsules daily after meals.